Putting: what the Tour pros say

Alex Nelson

10 October 2022

Putting can be a minefield of overthinking and worrying, but that’s not just something club golfers struggle with. Tour pros still have the same issues; they’ve just learned to overcome them better than most. How? Let’s find out…

“Trust. Trusting your read. Trusting your stroke. Trusting your instincts.”

Rory McIlroy

Easier said than done, eh, Rory? This is a man who knows a lot about pressure putts – both making and missing them – so when he tells us that indecisiveness is the most common cause of misses, I think we have to listen. According to the man himself, the only way to gain that trust in yourself and fully commit every time is through seeing those putts drop in practice.

“Tension can turn a technically-perfect motion into a herky-jerky mess, especially on those knee-knockers.”

Jordan Spieth

From Rory to the man Rory cites as one of the best putters he’s ever seen: Spieth. We love the way he phrases this, but it’s also a great point. As he’s experienced himself, it’s easy to tense your hands and arms over nervy pressure putts, which can have dire consequences. If you have trouble in these moments, maybe just keep this in mind and give yourself that one, singular thought to focus on in your stroke.

“All I do is think about putting to the picture."

Tiger Woods

Well, we could hardly leave The Big Cat out! We heard about the psychological side of it from Rory and the technique from Spieth, but this fascinating line from Tiger makes it all sound so simple. Woods says that he ‘takes a picture’ and, when he’s really nervous, reverts back to this simple mantra to avoid overcomplicating things; just play what’s in front of you.

TaylorMade Spider GT putters
TaylorMade Spider GT putters

From Rory’s repetition to Spieth simplifying things and Tiger taking photos, this is all easier in theory. If we want to actually putt like the pros, we should at least be using the same tools. For example, when trying to gain the trust Rory talks about, it’d help to have the TaylorMade PureRoll insert – an innovation made for consistency in your roll - that the man himself has in his flatstick.

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